Personal Injuries

In 2003 the Injuries Board (formerly ‘PIAB’) was established in law. Since then every Personal Injury claim MUST be assessed by the Board (with few exceptions e.g. medical negligence claims). Only if the Injuries Board process fails will your claim progress to Court.

Our experience is that a fundamental concern for a Personal Injuries client is very often the possibility of incurring large Legal Fees. To relieve those worries WE GUARANTEE:

  1. That you will pay NO LEGAL FEES to have your claim assessed by us.
  2. That unless you receive money following an Injuries Board assessment there will be NO LEGAL FEES.
  3. That if it is necessary to go to Court to seek compensation YOU WILL NOT BE EXPOSED TO PAYING ANY LEGAL FEES without your knowledge and without being thoroughly advised.

We have a proven track record in dealing with Personal Injuries claims. We have extensive experience in dealing with all nature of Personal Injury claims. When acting for a Personal Injury client WE AIM:-

  1. to listen carefully to the client and at all times maintain an awareness of the sensitive nature of each individual case;
  2. to keep our clients informed of the progress of their claim and to remain available to our clients at all times;
  3. to provide our clients with the best possible advice and guidance while providing each client with the assurance that they are the ultimate decision makers;
  4. to obtain the BEST AWARD OF COMPENSATION POSSIBLE WITHIN THE TIMEFRAME THE CLIENT DICTATES (as far as this is possible and subject to Injuries Board processing times and the Court services and Court lists).

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